Do Organization

Community, Sport team, Non-Profit Organization, NGO, Special Interest Group: We might have web solutions for you.


We offer Team Management that can generate portfolio of each players and show in website. Portfolio Photography is another service we offer as well.

For registered Alberta Non-Profit, we can help you with accepting donation by online payment. We help you integrate it with your website, and we will NOT charge any commission or fee on it. So, you only have to pay for the fee from payment process company. If you have event ticket to sell, we can set that up for you as well. We will beat EventBrite’s pricing.

Booking Software

Selling space? Setting up Appointment? We have a booking system that works for you.

Project Management

When a project is too large to be keep track using spreadsheet and notepad, you should do it on Project Management software. It helps you organized the task, planned for each stage, and instant overview of the current progress of your project. This allow your organization to run more smoothly.

Expense, Invoice & Payment (online and offline)

You can use the full accounting suite or only portion of it. User can strictly use it for Expense Tracking, or only Invoicing. The software can do that.