Website, Design, Hosting, eCommerce

Who is this for?

Retail, Restaurant, Service, Booking, Shop, Manufacturer, Garage, B2B, SMB, Startup and more…

What else are free?

Online Order, Shopping Cart, Google map listing management, Accept Payment (in some bundle and exclude fee from processing company), and many that are specialized in specific industry. Tell us about your business, and see what we can offer.

Is this a scheme? How do you earn money then?

This is a freemium model, where we provide website as a service for $0 and hope you will hire us for extra services we offer. Wix is also using such model, but you have to do everything yourself. In our case, we do it for you AND more. We are experienced in helping Small-Medium Business in Alberta, and we understand website is only a starting point of the online-expansion. Marketing, Content-Creation, Data-Management are the real deal that help your business. That’s what set us apart from Wix or alike.

The services we offer:

Marketing: Social Media Management, Advertising Management, Youtuber engagement, KOL partnership, new-platform frontier…etc

Content-Creation: Product Photography, Aerial Photography, Style Photography, Showcase Videography, Corporation Videography, Experience Videography, Copywriting, Content brainstorming, Graphics generation, Logo-creation, Brand design, Short clip generation, 2D/3D animation…etc.

Data Management: B2B exchange, EDI/XML exchange, API access and creation, RSS feed in/out, Encryption, Customer-Relationship Management, Lead Management, Project Management, Business Process Monitoring, Data Analysis…etc.

Web-enabled Software for your business: Accounting software, Expense tracking, Invoicing, Payment handling, Booking, Time Tracking, Staff Management, Cybersecurity management…etc

Custom Development: We have web and desktop developer to write custom application and mobile app for you.

We are here to provide solutions for SMB so your business can be run more efficiently, lower cost of operation, and business expansion.

But I want to design website myself or some sort of control in the workflow.

Yes, you can do that too. Semi-manage is what we called it. You will have the login and most of the tools we have access to.

A general website lifecycle includes designing, building, maintaining and updating. You can take any part of this, and leave the rest to us.

And regarding your eCommerce software or B2B software, you can also go ahead to make setting changes and stuff. Or make a tight control on all transactions. But if you aren’t certain about software change, you can always let us know, and we will work on it.

Full-manage, semi-manage, and self-manage: Your Choice.

Got more questions?

Talk to us, and see how we can help you